The manufacturing department of Inca Tooling UK Ltd comprises 3 areas – the CNC department, the EDM department and the traditional toolmaking department.

The CNC department contains some of the latest computer controlled machining centres (5 axis and 3 axis) all connected via network to the CNC programming department. Some programming is completed machine side but the programs for the more complex elements of the tooling are generated by our specialist team of programmers.

EDM machining is required when deep pockets, small radii or sharp corners are required in the cavity blocks. Recent investment in this area means that Inca Tooling UK Ltd has the latest computer controlled EDM machines, these are even capable of machining tapped holes into hardened steel. Wire erosion machining is also frequently utilised for the creation of complex splits and profiles in cavity blocks.

We have a reputation for delivering Quality

Our vastly experienced team of toolmakers work closely with the CNC and EDM departments during the various stages of machining in the tool manufacturing process. The huge amount of knowledge and experience held by our toolmakers is fully utilised in the final fit up and assembly stages, ensuring the highest possible quality of tooling is achieved.

We have a reputation for delivering Quality to the highest standards and offer a complete solution for supply of the following;

  • Wax Pattern Dies, solid and cored Vanes & Blades and single-shot Multi-Vane Segments
  • Ceramic Core Dies, from the simplest to most complex multi-pass designs in the market today
  • Ancillary tooling, including Reform fixtures, CMM fixtures, CNC fixtures, Grinding fixtures, gauges, runner dies, chill dies

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