The initial steps in the manufacture of any item of tooling are taken in the design office. Our highly skilled and experienced design engineers excel in the design of all types of tooling for the investment casting industry.

Inca Tooling UK Ltd's global reputation for high quality, intuitive tooling has been driven by the ability of our designers to provide innovative ideas when faced with evermore complicated parts.

Utilising the latest developments in computers, the team produce a full 3D model of the tooling using either Siemens NX or Solidworks. The components of the model are then transferred to the CNC programming department for the generation of tool cutter paths. Part definition can be supplied to the design office either as 2D drawings, 3D surface models or 3D solid models, the array of software used enabling any format of model transfer to be used.

Inca Tooling UK Ltd's designers are always ready to participate in concurrent engineering programs both before and during the tool design process.

Using the 3D model of the tool supplied by the design department, the engineers in the CNC programming department use the latest computer aided manufacturing software, either NCG Cam or Delcam Powermill to generate tool cutter paths. The cutter paths are passed on to the manufacturing department for use on CNC machines that are used to cut the tool cavity blocks etc.

Inca Tooling UK Ltd's highly experienced CNC programmers employ advanced surface modelling techniques (developed in-house) to ensure razor sharp split lines at cavity edges. The result of this is high quality wax patterns, eliminating the need for expensive post injection rework of parts.

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