About Inca Tooling UK Ltd


About Inca Tooling UK Ltd

Inca Tooling UK Ltd has been designing and manufacturing wax injection tooling and ceramic core tooling for the investment casting industry since 1972 and has built a worldwide reputation for the supply of tooling of the highest quality.

Unrivalled by any other tooling supplier

Our engineering team, unrivalled by any other tooling supplier in the UK, has helped Inca Tooling UK Ltd to attain global recognition for its highly innovative tooling designs. Combining this with our highly skilled manufacturing team, has resulted in Inca Tooling UK Ltd becoming the first choice supplier to a number of foundries around the world.

The products supplied include wax injection tooling for smaller aerospace components, ranging from single blades and vanes to more complex multi vane clusters together with associated ceramic core tooling.

We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of airfoil tooling, ranging from the smallest turbine blade for helicopter engines up to the largest blades and vanes for power generation turbines. Inca Tooling UK Ltd pioneered the design and construction of single shot dies for multi-vane segments, and tooling designs are constantly being refined to improve reliability and minimise tool maintenance costs. Tooling for structural components, large and small, is also part of our product range.

Recent investments has enabled expansion into the IGT market

Recent investments have enabled Inca Tooling UK Ltd to expand into the IGT market, quickly gaining preferred supplier status to one of the major suppliers of large vanes and blades for Industrial Gas Turbines.

Inca Tooling UK Ltd has been able to build up and maintain excellent working relationships with many of the leading aero-engine and gas turbine manufacturers, working closely with companies such as Rolls Royce, General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, Snecma, MTU, ABB and Solar Turbines to name a few. PGT Inca is always keen to participate in concurrent engineering programs, and our Technical Sales and Design personnel are always available for such programs. Our expertise in die making, coupled with our knowledge of the investment casting and ceramic core processes can make a significant contribution to such programs.

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